NetWeaver Foundation License – The calm before the storm?

The “NetWeaver Foundation for Third Party Applications” license hung like a Damokles sword over many SAP users and the outcry in the community was really great when SAP was preparing to consequently charge for this license. In February SAP surprisingly reported to discontinue raising this license fee until discussions with the German SAP user group DSAG had come to a mutual agreement.

On March 23, 2017, such a solution should have been published, but there was no reaction from either of the parties involved. Certainly, it is just six days past the deadline. However, if you consider that also the meeting between DSAG and SAP’s Executive Board Member Michael Kleinmeier scheduled for mid-March got cancelled, you may start to wonder what is happening. What does this calm mean? Are DSAG and SAP still working on an acceptable solution for both parties? Or has this topic lost its relevance for SAP?

Whether this is the infamous calm before the storm or it was all just a false alarm, we will probably know very soon.


UPDATE: Finally, the German-speaking SAP user group released a note about the current status. Read more here

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