5 challenges every SAP license manager is facing – and how to solve them

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Managing SAP licenses in complex system landscapes isn’t exactly a piece of cake. License managers are facing a lot of challenges in their work. But challenges are here to be accepted and most importantly: solved. We have collected 5 of the many obstacles that occur in the work of every SAP license Manager and tell you how you can solve them.


The ChallengeThe Solution
Lack of overview
In complex SAP system landscapes it is often difficult to maintain a clear overview of which user is accessing which SAP System.
License management software
For companies with more than 2 SAP system it may prove worthwhile to invest in a license management tool, which can determine all users across all Systems.
Non-transparent license allocation
License terms and individual contract agreements make it difficult to assign the correct license type to every SAP user.
Usage-based license assignment
Thanks to a precise software analysis of the usage behavior, it is possible to determine and assign the correct license type to every user.
Indirect usage
Integrations between SAP and other systems or third party products allow more people access to SAP data than negotiated.
Reduce compliance risks
Using license management software helps to identify indirect usage and define your ROI for negotiations with SAP.
Enormous manual effort
Assigning SAP licenses manually is time-consuming and requires a lot of personnel capacity, especially when preparing for the annual SAP system measurement.
Automated license allocation
Software tools assigning and adapting user licenses automatically reduce efforts by more than 90 per cent.
License management
Manual license management is mostly done reactionary to SAP license audits. In complex SAP environments, an optimization of the license inventory is almost impossible.
License optimization
License management software allows an optimized license distribution – at any time. Over- or under-licensing belong to the past.


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