A brief update regarding SAP’s License Optimization tool to reduce license spending and navigate Indirect Access

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This past weekend we brought you big news about SAP launching a free License Optimization tool for German customers. Most readers were quick to call shenanigans and realized that our post appeared on April first.

While we may have had a little too much fun naming the made-up tool OUTLAW (Optimized Utilization and Transparency License Administration Workbench), many readers told us that one paragraph in particular had a ring of truth for them: “In the past customers lamented that SAP’s requirement for annual self-audits not only put a burden on Basis teams to get licensed systems into presentable shape – but also made it easy to be out-of-compliance on user consumption metrics and areas such as Indirect Access.”

SAP licensing is not easy

There’s certainly a point to be made that Enterprise Software Top Dogs like SAP don’t have an obligation to help customers increase the mileage they get out of their existing license portfolio. By the same token SAP’s contractual language has historically been full of gray areas that make it easy for customers to be over-licensed yet out-of-compliance on topics such as Indirect Access.

This next part’s no joke: over time the LAW output from SAP’s annual audit process leads to incremental license spending (+22% annual maintenance) that can often be avoided by managing the existing inventory more intelligently. Wouldn’t you rather reallocate funds and resources to what can really move the needle for your business?

Good news: There already exists a tool like this!

If you like the sound of SAP License Optimization, don’t let our April Fool’s joke disappoint you. At VOQUZ we will continue to offer simple and cost-efficient SAP License Management: samQ License Optimizer for SAP is the leading platform for the automation of SAP Licensing and Compliance tasks.

Let us help you get your licenses in order!

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