All you can eat – The carefree package for your SAP license management?

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Large companies really prefer SAP’s “All you can eat contract”. Why? You pay a certain lump sum annually and thus have legal security for your entire license landscape. Sometimes with automatic increases, sometimes fixed for a certain number of years.
At first glance, this seems very tempting and you actually save a lot of work. As a company, you can use everything that SAP makes available without having to pay attention to the correct licensing. Engines can be used without running the risk of falling into a cost trap, Indirect Access is not an issue anymore! Sounds good?

Not all that glitters is gold

This interesting variant of licensing has a certain risk potential, which you should minimize at an early stage. Since the “carefree package” is a safe bet, you no longer pay much attention to which licenses are actually used and who is active in SAP. After all, everything is covered by the contract …
Of course, the salesman knows that too. However, he has known this effect for a long time and includes it in his calculations. License management usually does not do this and is happy not to be bothered with the topic in the next few years.

Lost in your “All you can eat” buffet?

Even if you feel secure, the next negotiation with SAP is certain to come! At that point your “All you can eat” contract could become an unpleasant surprise, as in the years before nobody paid attention to what was used and whether it was necessary. At this point the license landscape suddenly presents itself in a completely new light – extremely bloated, much too expensive licensed and with a product landscape that was simply introduced as the mood took it.

Better safe than sorry

If you enjoy an attractive “All you can eat” contract, please don’t lose track of your licenses! You better scan your license landscapes permanently and keep an eye on how they are being used. You can use a software that automatically does the work for you in the background, so that only a small additional effort and additional costs arise. With the help of this tool, you can really use all licensed products without any worries. In addition, you save any administrative effort and the license management is informed what the current cost framework is. Best of all, when renegotiating a license, you are always up to date on how high the compliance license framework is. Small effort, high effect!

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