SAP introduces free tool for customers to reduce enterprise license spending and navigate Indirect Access

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Walldorf, Germany. SAP today announced the release of a new License Optimization tool customers can access for free to assist with their annual software self-measurements. Building on top of SAP’s existing “License Administration Workbench” (LAW) – the new tool is named “Optimized Utilization and Transparency – License Administration Workbench” (OUTLAW).

The tool can be downloaded via SAP’s marketplace and is made available to German customers first. International markets are rumored to gain access by the third quarter of this year. Industry analysts were quick to compliment SAP’s decision to simplify its licensing methodologies.

SAM Magazine stated: “We believe that by helping customers improve their license management for added cost-efficiency, SAP will allow organizations to reallocate funds and funnel investments into innovation instead of incremental license spending”.

Customers are looking forward to SAP’s free License Optimization tool

In the past customers lamented that SAP’s requirement for annual self-audits not only put a burden on Basis teams to get licensed systems into presentable shape – but also made it easy to be out-of-compliance on user consumption metrics and areas such as Indirect Access.

At VOQUZ, we welcome SAP’s foray into the Software Asset Management space and will continue to improve our software to offer simple and cost-efficient SAP license management: samQ License Optimizer for SAP is our leading platform for the automation of SAP Licensing and Compliance tasks.

In a related internal memo, SAP Germany mandated that internal teams from now on refer to April Fool’s as Fake News Day. We’ll make sure to update this article when additional announcements are made.

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